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As old saying, the way of win is obtaining advanced opportunityIn metal processing industry the key of success is to control the material market, only have the stable supplier and good price could make the production flow. In order to be more competitive on the market and collect update information, feed back of the market; improve hengli’s reputation on quantity and services.    

”Hengli” has the talent team get in to the material market. In 2007, Hengli set up sub-company Hangzhou Hanye Steel Company at sanliyang, after several years operation, Hanye steel build up own material purchase and marketing channel. It can make sure the material supply of Hengli’s production and make some extra profit for Hengli.

Hanye also improved hengli‘s processing services that material purchasing-Cutting-machining-welding fabrication-surface treatment (one stop services). Supporting from hengli’s steel material consuming ability, hang ye doing well on steel trading business and steel stock. For Hengli, hanye also can decrease material stock risk, adapt operation strategy, reduce capital risk, increasing investment. For our customer, they could not worried about steel purchasing, sub-supplier, transportation to save labor resource, material resource, energy, at the same time, improving supply chain, production efficiency, low the production cost. It make win-win situation for customer and Hengli to get a fast growth.

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