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Love Donation Proposal For Blanking Worker Rui Ma
Date: 2011/02/16

Love Donation Proposal For Blanking Worker Rui Ma

Having a healthy body is everyone’s wishes. When we celebrate the New Year with family, or we go and back from work happily as usual, have you ever thought one of our colleague meet car accident when he went back home for Chinese New Year. Our colleague and his family are in the pain of loss and even desperate helpless in adversity.


Rui Ma, a line cutting operator in Blanking Workshop, 24 years old, from Bengbu, Anhui. His father was dead when he was young, His sick mother brought up his Bother Liangliang Ma, adopted Sister and him. The suffered family let the children grow up early, the two brothers joined in our company in 2004, worked hard and got along with colleagues well. Days a contingency situation, the people have something good. Rui Ma had a car accident when he went back home on Feb.2nd 2011, caused after brain skull cracking, the brain was injured. The life would be paralyzed if he was not treated in time. The family wanted to give him better treat, he come to Hangzhou Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital in February 12th, but the huge medical and medical treatment cost let the poor family feel helpless.


Dear workers, we are brothers and sisters from all corners of the country, Buddha said five hundred years in the preexistence could change to a time polishing the shoulder, it is not easy to be colleagues, the colleagues are our hands, palm connected. When disaster struck, help came from all sides. Love is not for heavy or light. It is emphasis on the blessings and selfless dedication we bit. Your kindles, even a small gesture will help Rui Ma get treatment and rehabilitation of as soon as possible, and give his family a beautiful sky.


Dear Workers, Love priceless, friendship stronger. Let us take positive action, your denotation, support and love heart will become a love sea. The company decides to arrange all workers to donate for Rui Ma, the details as followed:


Denotation time: 11:00, February 18th, 2011

Denotation place: Company Dinner Room.

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