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The FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show including METALFORM 2011
Date: November 5th,2011
The FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show including METALFORM 2011
Exhibition site: Chicago
Organizing Committee: PMA, SME, FMA, AWS, CCAI
Exhibition time: 11.14.2011-11.17.2011
Exhibition period: a time a year
Exhibition introduction:
The exhibition is organized by PMA from 1981, taken turns to hold in Chicago, Atlanta and Las Vegas. The exhibition is the largest, most professional and influential metal forming, stamping die and welding exhibition in North America's. Now it is the largest metal forming, stamping die and welding exhibition in North America. The exhibition is a witness of developed industry of the United States metal forming history. The Chicago exhibition has more than 1000 exhibitors in 2009; the exhibition area is 35000 square meters. 25000 professional audiences came to the exhibition. The exhibition has two halls with four exhibition area.
Exhibit area:
Metal stamping dies, fine blanking dies, die cast dies, steel plates, tubes, and section bar. Cut; stamp draw, bend, manufacture and assembly the parts. Checking equipment, testing equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE, computer analogue technology, Logistics handling technology; Automation and flexible processing technology and applications; Die material, Design and manufacturing technology; Logistics, Distribution technology; Auxiliary material’s manufacturing and application; scientific achievements, Patent and application of new technologies; Industry management and market information.
Welding equipment: arc welding, plasma welding, electric resistance welding, Solid bonding, laser welding, electro slag welding, friction welding, electron beam welding, brazing equipment, Special complete sets of welding equipment, welding robot, etc.
Cutting equipments: CNC cutting equipment, Plasma and laser cutting equipment, lathe, thin metal cutting lathe, machining center, water power cutting machine, linear cutting machine, tube cutting machine.
Welding auxiliary machines: welding appliance, handling machines, turning rollers, wire feeder, jig, Welding machine fittings, etc.
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